Sunday, March 27, 2011


Prior to the advent of GBand, my favourite app in the classroom was iThoughtsHD. Essentially a tool for mind mapping, this app has so many fantastic applications in the classroom. I've used it with the children in pairs and group exercises, for planning writing pieces and recording responses, for reporting and also as a planning tool with staff in our department. It is a fantastically flexible and varied tool that has good export options and great potential. I'd like to see the option of adding pictures other than the graphics supplied, and the facility to manipulate size and font of text but these would be the icing on what is essentially a very fine cake already.

This is an example of a topic in the process of being planned. The Key challenge or question is at the centre, surrounded by curricular areas, key questions and activities and curriculum experiences and outcomes. I may also add an assessment ring.

When you email a file from the app you get a PDF of your 'map' and a list version which can also be helpful.

A great little app.

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