Sunday, March 27, 2011

iPad 2 - Another Revolution for the Classroom?

Having received my iPad 2 unexpectedly on launch day UK, are we gearing up for another massive change for the classroom? Well, in the time honoured conclusion for all school discursive essays, yes... and no.

With iPad 1our classroom practice and the opportunities for learning were transformed by some fundamentally significant factors; we now had 1:1 Internet access for every pupil all the time. Each and every pupil had amazing new options for output with Pages, Keynote, iThoughts, Brushes etc sitting expectantly on the desk in front of them all the time. These were factors which opened the possibility of a truly transformational change in the classroom.

Now, with the advent of 2, these are already established and, whilst they will run significantly faster, the revolution in this sense has already happened.

So what may change?

Faster is a big deal, especially when using apps like GarageBand which is already a massive hit in my classroom. The cameras will be interesting when the children finally get iPads with them on, I can picture a trip to an art gallery with a class creating their own MoodBoard, Collage or blog as they go round snapping pictures with the iPad. Interesting and significant possibilities begin to open. Finally with iMovie: I think this may be a killer classroom feature for me. Peer assessment, self assessment, output for creativity in language, music and across the curriculum. I can see myself making great use of iMovie when the children have in their hands such a powerful tool.

So, changes? Yes. Revolution? No. Apple have given us a beautiful and powerful successor to the device that has already made historical records and changed so many aspects of educational life.

I sold my old one to a local restaurant. I hope they look after her.

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