Friday, March 25, 2011

The iPad 2

Today sees the UK launch of iPad 2, the much-anticipated successor to the original iPad. Ipad has changed our lives in so many ways. I often say to visitors to our school that even after owning the iPad over the summer holidays, I was so unprepared for the revolution that it would bring to teaching and learning in the classroom.

What will be significant about iPad 2?

Already Garageband has become my number 1 favourite app on iPad in the few short weeks it has been available and I've found some fantastic uses for it in the classroom, recording poems as raps, adding soundtracks to language work, creating sound poems and pictures and recording songs in music. On iPad 2 I hope it may run even more sweetly and I may not have the 'optimizing performance' message so frequently.

The major 'can't wait' however is iMovie for iPad. Already in school we use imovie a lot, recording assessments across the curriculum, examples of work for blogs and website as well as specific animation and movie projects. Having imovie on iPad 1:1 in the class would be an open door to so many possibilities.

So am I going to the queue?

No. I'm teaching today and couldn't make the store before 4.30. At that time I doubt there'd be any point in going. One thing is for sure however.

I'm looking forward to getting hold of one soon!

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