Monday, March 28, 2011

EPubs: New Learning for Me!

What I am learning:
Today I began to look at exporting assessment material for a current Primary 6/7 project as an ePub document. EPub exporting is built into the export options on the desktop version of Pages on the mac. Basically it enables you to publish an electronic book which can then be read on iPhone, iPod iPad etc.
This is great for collating the output of project material in one beautiful looking document which can include text, images and video and loos very professional. All you have to worry about then is whether the text, pictures or videos are any good!
I ran a quick tutorial with one of the boys in my class on how to create an ePub document and he was very competently beginning the collation of a great looking book very quickly.
This will provide a great record of project work and assessment material that can be accessed by interested staff, friends and parents. I think it will take a while to put together as I have so much material but should look great.
The one thing I wish was that there was an easy way to include audio files without having to drop them into iMovie first.

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