Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gathering Steam...

Today is a warm and muggy day in Brussels, I think it is even warmer back home in the UK. In Scotland, where people put summer clothes on as long as it isn't actually snowing, any available piece of grass will, I'm sure, be put to good use by keen sunbathers.

As we enjoy the feeling of heating up after a long winter I'm also impressed with how the interest in 1:1 technology in schools is also hotting up.

In Brussels today I'm speaking to a group of representatives from the various education ministries across Europe, all of whom are very interested in how to deploy the iPad in schools in their countries.

There are big questions to answer: When Europe is penniless how do we afford this? Why iPad? Can we increase attainment?

But there are also very powerful messages coming from the grassroots in the countries of many people I spoke to today. Parents, for example, are hearing of schools and classes where children are learning in 1:1 iPad situations and are beginning to make their voices heard in asking for change.

Encouraging stuff.

Above all, I appreciated being with other educators and civil servants who are determined to do the best for their children.

Phew, I may need to remove my jacket, it's certainly hotting up!


  1. This is great to hear. I live in Des Moines, Iowa and I am currently working on a project to encourage more technology use. Would love to chat with you more about what is going on in Brussels!

  2. Dear Andrew,
    Being one of those 'EU civil servants' following you presentation yesterday, I greatly appreciated the way you brought over the ease and benefits of using this technology in classroom and how it can change learning! I will keep in touch with you and try to carry on in my surroundings the promise that you gave to all the audience of how learning can look like - yes - today, if you like!
    Liina Munari
    EC Commission / DG Information Society / Unit on technology-enhanced learning