Monday, January 30, 2012



I had a first glimpse of what lies under the very sleek bonnet of iTunesU this week.

I suppose I have been slightly apathetic towards 'U' in past years as I saw it mainly as the domain of US universities who could upload course materials so that everyone could follow the Stanford course on 'App Development' for example. I couldn't see that, beyond being an interesting tool for sharing such content, it would shake up life in a smaller institution like ours.

What we really want is a way of delivering our course material to the students who pay to come here. We want to be able to deliver them in such a way as to make the practical business of teaching and administering a course simpler for both student and teacher.

iTunesU has now revealed itself to be just this.

Simple, smooth mechanisms for gathering course materials, sharing assignments and accessing files, linked seamlessly with iBooks store and iTunes and readable on any iOS device. It offers teachers the chance to do things better and easier than before.

The impact remains to be seen but we start to see what all the fuss is really about surrounding the recent Apple edu announcements.

Exciting times.

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