Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mary Queen of Scots and A Whole Lot of Words

"Marriage, Murder and Mystery. How Does the Life of Mary Queen of Scots Influence Us Today?"

I bet you've never taken a coffee break to ponder that particular puzzler! Well that is the big question we are looking at in class this term. It's a great subject for study. Art, language,history all combine with a most fascinating tale of one of Scotland's most famous daughters.

Two great apps start off our project: Moxier Collage, the moodboard app that we use regularly and which is superb for this type of research recording task,and WordFoto, an iPhone app which allows you to overlay a picture with words of your choice.

In this case after an introductory co-operative learning activity looking at 'clues'. The children created a collage or WordFoto of their findings. A great start, beautiful results and enthusiastic pupils.

What more could you want?

Just wait til we reach the 'murder' bit...

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