Thursday, May 26, 2011

'How to...'

I hope that the current move towards 1:1 technology in the classroom quickly becomes a reality for teachers across the UK and the world. I'm sure it's only a matter of time and when that day truly begins to dawn, some teachers will find themselves in a strange new world where children often know more about the technology than they do and they are faced with that 'jump' moment where they teeter on the brink of something they feel will overwhelm them and struggle to resist the temptation to say;

"iPad down children, pens and pencils out, you can play with the iPad when you are finished your work."

To try and stifle these dreaded words we are putting together a recipe book for such teachers, to help with these frightening first moments of discovery, to give them some tools they can adapt and use for some great learning and content creation. It's called 'Cooking with Apps', will be an ePub format and I've mentioned it before. As oart of the book I've put together some initial 'how to' videos for certain apps.

Here's a couple of examples:

Creating Mind-maps in iThoughtsHD

Adding images to mind-maps

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