Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art : Brushes

This morning I taught a lesson on the visual elements that I have taught many rimes over the past 15 years.
We looked at observational drawing of fruit and vegetables - subjects which artists of all varieties have loved over centuries.
We had a look at examples by Monet and Gaughin and discussed where we could see the visual element of line, shape, colour and texture were present. We then discussed tone, what it is and how we see it in pictures. At this point we began painting. It's a lesson I like and so do the kids. Today, for a change I used the iPad.
We used the app 'Brushes'. It has huge potential in art and I've used it for various things before - layers, silhouettes, contrast and colour lessons etc. I've never used it for such a classic painting lesson with such a young class.


I was impressed with the levels of engagement. I was impressed with the enthusiasm of the children who 'can't draw'. I was impressed with the way they smiled when they made and mistake and lovingly pressed 'undo'.
I was also impressed with the results and, perhaps more importantly, so were they.
I'm sure I will do the lesson again with 'real' paint but I'm also sure that when I do, the children will have increased confidence and freedom to experiment, and that I'll already have some excellent examples of real learning to display on my classroom wall that they've emailed me from a truly excellent art app.

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