Thursday, November 4, 2010

iPad Update

We are back at school after a two week break which was full of some great trips.
Being back at school isn't so bad. We've hooked up with a school in Georgia, USA who are doing the same thing we are doing with the iPad. Fraser visited them last week and had a great time. I'm looking forward to sharing experiences and ideas with them.
On returning to school I've used an app which is cool. It's called 'TypeDrawing' amd basically does what it says on the tin _ enables you to paint with words.
The children in my class have been working grammar work which has a danger of becoming tedious. We've changed that by using 'TypeDrawing'.
The children came up with some great adjectives to describe themselves in a co-operative group lesson. They then chose chose the best of these and painted a picture of themselves using the adjectives that they had chosen.
It is a fun outcome which also keeps the thread of the learning which was at the core of the lesson
Thanks again iPad.

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